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Imagine the .com brand name of your dreams. Now make it your own!

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How NameStrap Works

1) We offer a wide range of unused .com domains that are available to the general public.

2) We negotiate with the sellers so that both buyer and seller receive a good deal that they are happy with.

3) Sales are completed using our exclusive partner Escrow. Thats it and you're done. Name aquired. Get to work building out your awesome new .com brand site.

More details coming soon.

 View our Premium Domain Showcase, Collection of 4 Letter domains, Collection of 5-6 letter domains, brandable domains, and niche domains.

About NameStrap

Name Strap is a premier retailer for dot Com domain names. We offer Sales & Brokerage Services as well as Domain Holding & Licensing. Through our partnership with Verisign and several of the nation's largest registrars, we are able to offer the general public an incredible list of .com domains for the first time ever.

Our portfolio contains thousands of awesome one- and two-word generic .com domain names and brandable .com domains. With over 15 years of expertise in the domain registration industry, we know how to get you the best domain name at the best price.

The reason we choose to only deal in dot coms is simple. .Com dominates the global marketplace and although GTLDs play an essential role in managing the web, we prefer to deal with the absolute essence of a brand in the most prestigious way. The quality domain of choice is a dot com.

Your brand equity is our priority. Upon the sale of a domain we promptly wipe any online trace of the domain being listed for sale and delete those records from our website and twitter.

We also manage the plural, mispelling, or alternate TLD domain for one of our premiums. In some cases we may even secure social usernames such as twitter and facebook for our leading brand names. Once you purchase the name from NameStrap, you will receive all those credentials as a bonus, along with the domain name. Be sure to inquire about taking over the social usernames we have reserved just for you.

Joe Esquire, NameStrap, CEO Premium brandable domain names

NameStrap is your premier retailer of high end dot-com domain names. Our portfolio spans across common interests, popular genres, and valuable short niche keyword (or 'brandables') domain names. Our entire portfolio is exclusivelty dot com names. We do not work with any other gTLDs at this time. Thank you for your interest.

Domain Investments

Namestrap is in it's preliminary BETA stages and is receiving a lot of venture interest. Get on board while the iron is hot.
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